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SmartRSVP’s Privacy and Cookie Policy forms part of our Terms of Use which gives you our App rules. If you cannot agree to the Terms of Use including this Privacy and Cookie Policy, then please do not register on SmartRSVP.

SmartRSVP's App Privacy Policy

Who We are and Your Privacy

We are Smart Event Systems Limited (trading as SmartRSVP) a company registered in England under number 09760592 with its registered office at Griffins Court, 24-32 London Road, Newbury, Berkshire, United Kingdom, RG14 1JX.

We want to give you clear information about what information we collect and how we use it.
We at SmartRSVP take privacy very seriously and we treat your personal information with the utmost care to ensure it is only used in accordance with your wishes.

The definition of Terms used in this Privacy Policy is the same as in our Terms of Use. Together they explain the way you may use our App, how we use and protect any personal information you give us and what cookies are and how we use them in the operation of our App. We also briefly store your data for speed and efficiency in the Microsoft cloud which makes you subject to the terms and conditions of the Microsoft Privacy Statement.

Please read this Privacy Policy carefully in conjunction with the terms of use and ensure that you understand it. Your agreement to comply with and be bound by this Privacy Policy is deemed to occur upon your first use of our App. If you do not agree to comply with and be bound by this Privacy Policy, or any other part of the Terms of Use, you must stop using our App immediately.

What types of information may we hold about You?

We hold your name, mobile phone number, plus names of persons you may have listed that are within your group. We also hold details of the venue, plus the date and times of arrival and departure.

Why do we need Your information and how do we use it?

The information will be held by Smart Event Systems for a period of 28 days as required in the UK, different countries may have differeing rules, should it be necessary, for the countries to exercise ‘Test and Trace’ on particular individuals then the names and telephone numbers of those individuals will be disclosed.

How may we share Your information?

We will only share your information if a request has been made from the Government to exercise ‘Test and Trace’


When you use our App you agree to our Privacy Policy. Cookies are small bits of text that are downloaded to the devices you use to access our App and its content. Your device makes these cookies available every time you visit our App again, so your device can recognise you. We do not use cookies, although your device may use the following cookies which are not used by us:

Essential Cookies

Essential cookies - needed to provide the content, product or service you have asked for. Some cookies are essential to help your devices download or stream the information, or so you can move around apps and websites and use their features. Without these cookies, content, products or services you have asked for cannot be provided, for example positioning information on a smartphone screen, tablet device or other screen so that you can see a website or app’s functionality, “session cookies” which make it possible to navigate through a website or app smoothly, keeping you logged in during your visit; without cookies you might have to log in on every website you visit every time. Improving your browsing experience - Cookies allow an app to remember choices you make, such as your language or region and they provide improved features. They can remember your preferences and settings. Analytics - any information collected is grouped with the information from everyone else’s cookies and reveal the overall patterns of usage rather than any one person’s activity. Analytics cookies are used to improve how an application, a website and its pages work. App, web locations, websites and communications you may get small invisible images known as 'web beacons' or ' pixels'. These are used to manage the interaction between you and the communication with your device and allows us to assess the effectiveness of the interaction.

How long do we keep your information?

We keep your information in the UK for 28 days, other countries may require a longer period

Complaints or Queries

If you wish to make a complaint about how we use your information, or have any queries or comments about this Privacy Policy, or to request what information we hold about you, or if you wish to restrict, transfer or erase your records, please contact us via email at or by writing to Complaints / Queries at our address as above and we will do our best to help. If you are still unhappy, you can contact the Information Commissioner’s Office via their website.

Changes to this notice

We will occasionally update our Privacy Policy. We will post a notice of any material changes on our App prior to implementing the changes

This privacy Policy was last updated in August 2020